Nomination Form

Nomination Forms (Print this form off and send to the Athletic Department)

Seymour High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Seymour High School Athletic Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for its inaugural Hall of Fame. Nominations of inductees may be nominated in 4 categories:

Athlete/Team: An athlete or Team shall have completed high school at least 20 years prior to being eligible for nomination. A team is inducted and honored by the HOF with a team plaque. Individuals from the team are eligible for induction as an individual.

Coach/Contributor: An individual who has made outstanding contributions to athletics in some capacity other than athlete, such as, Coach, Athletic Administrator , Sports Medicine, Sports Media, or Financial supporter. The Coach/Contributor may be be eligible after 10 years of service. If a coach/contributor has 25 years of experience, he/she would be eligible immediately.

Requirements for nominees also will be judged on their significance to athletics at SHS. The official nomination form approved by the Board of Directors must be completed and submitted the athletic office.  All honorees are to be of high moral character and not have been convicted of a felony.

Any person who is properly nominated but not selected to the Athletic Hall of Fame shall remain on the list of eligible nominees for 5 years without having to be re-nominated each year.

Inductees into the Hall of fame will be selected by the Board of Directors.

An induction ceremony will be held and all inductees that have been selected to the Athletic Hall of Fame must have representation present at the induction ceremony.  

Seymour High School has a rich tradition of sports. Many individuals have made extraordinary contributions and have superb accomplishments. The Athletic Hall of Fame honors these contributions and accomplishments.

Seymour High School Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form Information about Nominee NAME_________________________________________Is the nominee deceased? (circle) YES NO (if nominee is not deceased, please fill out address information below) ADDRESS____________________________________ CITY,______________ STATE,____ ZIP________ PHONE (___)__________

Information about person making nomination (list “self” if self-nominating) NAME____________________________________________________________________________

     ADDRESS___________________________________ CITY,______________ STATE,_____ ZIP________ PHONE (___)___________  

The following information is important to the selection process to ensure that the desired objectives of the induction process are satisfied. (Application will NOT be accepted without this information) Please list the primary category of nomination (circle): PLAYER/ TEAM /COACH /CONTRIBUTOR

Graduation Year______ / Years as Coach (If applicable)_______ Accomplishments:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Championships______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Summarize this person’s accomplishments as a player, coach, or contributor at Seymour High School.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I certify that I have truthfully completed this information about the nominee, with their permission, and that he/she will accept induction if accepted. I also agree to cooperate with the Board of Directors of the Seymour High School Hall of Fame should additional information be requested. Date: ___________________

Name: (Please Print) ___________________________________ Signature: _____________________________________________

Mail Entry Forms to: Seymour High School Athletic Hall of Fame c/o Athletic Department 1350 W. 2nd Street Seymour, IN 47274